Sunday, August 21, 2022

Jazz Bass Lessons with Chuck Sher, author of "The Improvisor's Bass Method."

MODE: Remote (via FarPlay), or in person for Bay Area students

COST: $50 to $65, sliding scale

TERMS: Any style of jazz, any level, any frequency (weekly to occasional), acoustic or electric bass.


Beginners - I can get you solidly on the right path with information from my book, "Foundation Exercises for Bass." Ability to read music not essential. Lessons will be applicable to all styles of music.

Intermediate - I'll use my 50+ years of experience playing jazz (including a year and a half on the road with singer Jon Hendricks) to help you with whatever you need to work on. We'll use my book, "The Improvisor's Bass Method" for reference.

Advanced - My specialty here is soloing. I can improve your solos by helping you with the less developed aspects of your approach. We'll use my book "Concepts for Bass Soloing" as a reference, and also a tutorial I wrote on "Internalizing Tunes." 

SAMPLE ENDORSEMENT - "I want to thank you for your great lessons. Working through your book, "The Improvisor's Bass Method," along with your instruction, has improved my bass technique and expanded my knowledge of music theory. My musician friends and bandmates can hear the improvement and have commented on it. I tell them, "I'm taking lessons now . . . with Chuck Sher." It has made all the difference." - John S.

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