Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Discounts on all Sher Music piano books


For the month of March, all our world-class piano method books (digital versions only) will be discounted so that they are half the price of the physical book. (This is way below the industry standard!)

We hope you will take a look at the webpages of each book to see how you can benefit from the expertise of these great jazz and Latin pianists! See Enjoy! - Chuck Sher

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Discounts on all of Sher's Latin Music books


For the month of February, all of Sher Music Co's world-class digital method books on Afro-Cuban Music, Brazilian Music and Latin Jazz will be on sale for half the price of the physical book! (This is way below the industry standard.) This includes:

If you haven't been bitten by the Latin bug yet, here's your chance to learn this incredible, exciting music from the masters of the genre. And if you are already a pro, each of these books will be invaluable in teaching Afro-Cuban or Brazilian music to your students.

Sher Music Co. is also the creator of the only professional-level Latin Music fake book - THE LATIN REAL BOOK ( If you buy this amazing 550-page labor of love from, just send the receipt to and we will send you a free PDF of any one of the Latin music books on sale. Gracias!



Sunday, January 1, 2023

Sher Music sale on books for student musicians

Music Teachers take note! For the month of January 2023, Sher Music will be discounting our world-class digital books designed especially for student musicians. For this month only, they will all be half the price of the printed books! These prices are way below the industry standard. The sale includes:

With practical exercises and step-by-step progressions, these books will make music lessons more fun for you and your students both, and the prices will never be lower! Enjoy, and here's to a great 2023! - Chuck Sher

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Jazz Theory books discounted this month!

During the month of November, Sher Music is offering the digital versions of our world-class jazz theory books and practicing guides at 50% off of the physical book prices!  If you want to experience a real leap forward in mastering your instrument, these books will be invaluable. Our holiday gift to you is unbeatable quality at unbeatable prices! See below for books included in this sale, including Mark Levine's classic text, "The Jazz Theory Book."

1. The Jazz Theory Book by Mark Levine
2. The Jazz Harmony Book - by David Berkman
3. Jazz Musicians' Guide to Creative Practicing - by David Berkman
4. Serious Jazz Practice Book - by Barry Finnerty
5. Serious Jazz Book II - by Barry Finnerty
6. Building Solo Lines from Cells - by Randy Vincent
7. Minor is Major! - by Dan Greenblatt
8. Forward Motion - by Hal Galper
9. Metaphors for the Musician - by Randy Halberstadt


See for details

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Jazz Bass Lessons with Chuck Sher, author of "The Improvisor's Bass Method."

MODE: Remote (via FarPlay), or in person for Bay Area students

COST: $50 to $65, sliding scale

TERMS: Any style of jazz, any level, any frequency (weekly to occasional), acoustic or electric bass.


Beginners - I can get you solidly on the right path with information from my book, "Foundation Exercises for Bass." Ability to read music not essential. Lessons will be applicable to all styles of music.

Intermediate - I'll use my 50+ years of experience playing jazz (including a year and a half on the road with singer Jon Hendricks) to help you with whatever you need to work on. We'll use my book, "The Improvisor's Bass Method" for reference.

Advanced - My specialty here is soloing. I can improve your solos by helping you with the less developed aspects of your approach. We'll use my book "Concepts for Bass Soloing" as a reference, and also a tutorial I wrote on "Internalizing Tunes." 

SAMPLE ENDORSEMENT - "I want to thank you for your great lessons. Working through your book, "The Improvisor's Bass Method," along with your instruction, has improved my bass technique and expanded my knowledge of music theory. My musician friends and bandmates can hear the improvement and have commented on it. I tell them, "I'm taking lessons now . . . with Chuck Sher." It has made all the difference." - John S.

CONTACT:  Chuck Sher,

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Chuck Israels' "Jazz Arrangements of Public Domain Songs" just released!

Chuck Israels and I have been working on this book for 6 months or so and I have to say I've gotten tremendous pleasure out of helping the other Chuck put his book in final form. What initially attracted me was an audio file he sent, his arrangement of "School Days." You can hear this and a bunch of other sample songs at The feeling his group generated was something completely different than my normal emotional reaction to a new jazz piece. First, I was really impressed by the great playing of all concerned, especially trumpeter Charlie Porter. And then I realized that it evoked something like nostalgia in me --- not really for the past, but rather for the feelings of wistfulness, a childlike sense of simplicity and a feeling of homecoming somehow. Hard to put in words, but take a listen and you might see for yourself what I mean. Then watch the video of "Shenandoah," and be amazed at how Chuck Israels gives new life to this classic folk song. Jazz is a big tent and it just got bigger with the inclusion of a whole bunch of new vehicles for improvising. Enjoy! - Chuck Sher

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Interviews with Jazz Greats

Several of the composers of our latest Jazz Songbook Series, Vol.2 have been interviewed on jazz radio. Interesting to hear everyone's stories, and more to come. Series url is

Jazz Guitarist and Author, Barry Finnerty

Veteran Jazz Improviser and Steel Band Composer, Andy Narell

LA-based Veteran Jazz Drummer, Vocalist, Songwriter & Educator, Dave Tull




Friday, May 13, 2022

"Jazz Scores and Analysis, Vol.2" is out!

Rick Lawn has been working for several years to finish the second volume of his masterpiece, "Jazz Scores and Analysis" and it's finally up on our website for sale, both the physical book and digital downloads - This second volume features jazz compositions with strings as part of the ensemble and ten great composers are included - Vince Mendoza, Oliver Nelson, Eddie Sauter, Chris Potter, etc. I'll let its webpage speak for itself but my own impression is that Rick is a unique author - his work is so well-thought out and comprehensive, his writing is erudite but not at all stuffy and he has a real grasp of the whole flow of jazz composition through the years. If you have any interest in the subject, don't miss this 438 page labor of love!

Friday, April 29, 2022

More great Jazz Songbooks!

About a year ago Andy Narell approached me and asked if I was going to do anymore jazz songbooks. I hadn't planned on it but I love Andy's music and so I said, "Sure, why not?" So I started asking other great composers and the results can be seen at One of the great moments in this process was when a package arrived from Benny Golson's publisher with copies of his original lead sheets, all yellowed and looking just like lead sheets used to look when I first started playing music 50+ years ago. It was like Christmas in February! And Benny's tunes, in particular, have been a ball to play with my various musical compatriots. Then I asked Enrico Pieranunzi and he was delighted to have a songbook of his compositions too. The same with Denny Zeitlin, Randy Brecker, Steve Khan, Larry Dunlap, Barry Finnerty and Doug Morton. I'm especially happy to put out The Dave Tull Songbook because Dave is the most soulful and also the funniest singer/songwriter in jazz, to my professional ears. Check out the sample songs on his webpage and I bet you'll agree. My great appreciation goes out to Matt Heister for helping with the graphics on this project and also my webmaster, Bob Afifi, who tirelessly did all the 'behind the scenes' work to get these songbooks up and running.

I just turned 75 and one would think that I should be at Shady Acres contemplating nature, but projects keep coming to me and I feel obligated to keep doing my part in promoting good music. Like Lot in the Bible, I think the Good Lord is only letting this show go on because, at any point, there are ten good tunes being played on the planet. So keep the music flowing!