Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Sher Music books for 2017!

Folks - We have three (actually 5) new books just released today. More information on all of them is available at Hope you find one or more of them intriguing to you and here's to a swinging 2017! - Chuck

1. "Reading, Writing & Rhythmetic" by Roberta Radley - A second Sher Music publication from the assistant chair of the Ear Training Dept. at Berklee College of Music. This one gives you a systematic way to develop the skills necessary to transcribe music off your favorite records and onto paper. The rewards will more than justify the time needed to absorb all the information here.
2. "Modern Etudes for Solo Trumpet" by Cameron Pearce - A set of challenging, but not ridiculously difficult, etudes written for the trumpet player needing something substantial to work on. The accompanying CD has the etudes performed by Dave Douglas, Terell Stafford, Ingrid Jenson, etc. Highly endorsed by Bobby Shew, Ray Vega, Randy Brecker, Chase Sanborn, etc. Cool stuff!
3. "Flamenco Improvisation - Vol.1 - 3" by Enrique Vargas - Here's a real masterpiece---a three-volume set of books detailing the the melodic and harmonic implications of the Western and Arabic scales used in Flamenco music today. Over 1200 pages filled with patterns, analysis, guitar fingerings and tab (although the books can be used by any instrument), and discussions of the "tricks" that make Flamenco such a unique form of music. Enjoy!

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