Friday, October 16, 2009

Jazz Guitar Voicings, Vol. 1 - The Drop 2 Book just released!

Over the last few years I have been very fortunate to play music on a pretty regular basis with one of the most advanced guitar players I've ever heard - Randy Vincent (who has recorded &/or toured with Dizzy Gillespie, Bobby Hutcherson, Joe Henderson, etc.). I've been amazed sometimes just watching chorus after chorus of brilliant, spontaneous music come out of him, and have asked him more than once if he'd be interested in writing a book for Sher Music Co. Finally, given the task of applying Mark Levine's Drop 2 Book to guitar, Randy agreed to share his many decades of musical knowledge with the world, and the results have been well worth waiting for! I will let its web page describe the contents, but I was not surprised when glowing endorsements by Vic Juris, Steve Maskowski, Larry Koonse, John Stowell and others started coming in. And before the ink was even dry at the printer's on this book, Randy sent me the beginning of Volume 2! Randy is a very dedicated musician and his love of exploring the way music works comes through in this book, just as much as the practical information itself. If you are a jazz guitar player (or have one on your Holiday gift list), don't miss Jazz Guitar Voicings, Vol.1: The Drop 2 Book!


WVNicholson said...

I am quite interested in the book (as I am interested in chord voicings on the guitar); but I would like to know more about what is in the book. The two sample pages on the Sher Music website are interesting (including an example based on a real tune rather than a cheesy etude - the latter being usual in instructional books unfortunately); but is there any chance of putting the table of contents online as well?

Also, what is volume 2 going to be about (other drop voicings - like drop 3 or some of the more "esoteric" ones like drop 2+3 or the double drop thingy?)

Anonymous said...

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