Wednesday, August 14, 2019

40th Anniversary sale!

In case you haven't heard, Sher Music turned 40 years old this year and we are having a big sale to celebrate -  50% off on all digital downloads, starting August 15 and running through September 1st. All of our method books are available in digital form and some of our fake books too. Spread the word & thanks for making Sher Music the most widely-respected jazz and Latin music book publisher in the world since 1979! Peace - Chuck Sher

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

New for 2019 Election season - Lester Young for President T-shirt

Being a political junkie, I spend a chunk of every day keeping up on the news of the bizarre situation on our planet here and the attached t-shirt idea came to me.

I gave the idea to my artistically talented daughter, Ani, and we now have t-shirts for sale at

Speaking of crucial decisions, I wrote the following letter to the editor which has now been printed in 23 newspapers, nation-wide. I hope you find it useful &/or enlightening. If so, please pass it on. Peace - Chuck Sher

"What Will Our Children Say?" 

The last year or two has seen an unusual number of U.S. natural disasters: major hurricanes, massive Midwest floods, way too many deadly tornadoes, severe wildfires, subzero cold spells, some of the hottest years on record, etc. The rest of the world has likewise suffered increasing droughts, desertification, melting glaciers, typhoons, flooding, heat waves, etc.

These phenomena are not unrelated. The vast majority of climate scientists say they are the beginning effects of 'climate disruption' that will, without question, get significantly worse in the foreseeable future. For the next 11 years, according to the latest reports from scientists at both the UN and the US government, we have the chance to ensure that the worst case scenarios do not come to pass, by de-carbonizing our economies. (For more information, see David Wallace-Wells on YouTube.)

Each additional degree of global warming will make the extreme weather we've already seen many, many times worse for future generations (as well as creating untold millions of climate refugees). But it can be turned around, and must be, starting now.  This is no joke, no hoax, but rather a deadly serious, long-term, life-threatening emergency.

Instead of denial, we need to ask ourselves one serious question: What will our children and grandchildren say about us 30 or 50 years from now? Will they curse us for willfully ignoring the clear signs of the impending destruction of a reasonably livable planet for them? This question requires our active attention.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Chuck Sher's end-of-the-year jazz radio show

For over a decade now I have been presenting high-quality recorded jazz on our local public radio station, KRCB-FM, generally the first Saturday of each month.

Coming up this Saturday, December 1st, from 7 pm to 11 pm, Pacific time, I'll be playing the best tracks of 2018 (or at least new to me this year). To listen in, just go to Enjoy! - Chuck

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

New book from Randy Vincent!

I think it is safe to say that Randy Vincent has become the world's foremost authority on learning to play jazz guitar. With his latest release, "The Guitarist's Introduction to Jazz," he has created a reference book that someone who plays guitar but wants to learn jazz will find most useful. His book's webpage gives all the particulars but here I would just like to say that Randy is a unique kind of genius, if I may use that sometimes abused term. Randy is a practicing fool and his personal submersion in mastering the craft of jazz guitar makes him a pleasure to play music with (which I have had the honor of doing for many years now) and also an invaluable member of the jazz guitar community, via the medium of his method books and his personal one-on-one teaching. Out just in time for Christmas or Chanukkah presents this year, it will be of great use to guitar teachers as well as individuals for self-study. Many thanks to one of the great musical minds of our time, Randy Vincent, for giving us the honor of publishing his books!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

New Sher Music books for 2018!

Folks - Sher Music Co. now has four new books that have been released in the past month. Many thanks to the authors and each of the members of the Sher Music team for 'beyond the call of duty' efforts to get these books ready for publication! A little 'behind the scenes' description of their publication follows:

1) "Decoding Afro-Cuban Jazz: The Music of Chucho Valdes" by Chucho and Rebeca Mauleon. My esteemed colleague Rebeca Mauleon approached me and asked if I would like to publish her 'magnum opus.' I said, 'Sure,' but was not really prepared for what a masterpiece she had created. To my informed eye, it is the most definitive treatise on both Latin Jazz and the origins of Afro-Cuban music in general that has ever been written. If you are a lover of Latin music, don't miss it!
2) "New Orleans Trumpet: A Down-Home Conservatory Method" by Jim Thornton. I gave Jim's manuscript to Doug Morton, the excellent trumpet player in my band,  to review and he gave it back to me saying it was the most enjoyable trumpet method book he'd ever read. And, in fact, after reading through it myself I was in total agreement. Jim is such a personable guy and the story of how he became a trad jazz trumpet player by moving to New Orleans and totally immersing himself in the music and the lifestyle of the Big Easy is completely engaging (even for a non-trumpeter). Along the way he explains some crucial music theory concepts and technical information that will benefit anyone reading the book, I'm sure. Another unique Sher Music publication!
3) "Jazz Scores and Analysis, Vol.1" by Richard Lawn. Rick sent me his manuscript and the sheer magnitude of this 'labor of love' bowled me over. In 433 pages Rick presents the fully annotated scores for six masterpieces of contemporary large ensemble jazz writing, one each by Vince Mendoza, Bob Mintzer, Jim McNeely, John Hollenbeck, Darcy James Argue and John Fedchock. He then dissects each one and shows the inner workings of the piece by explaining numerous characteristic passages and showing how the piece is constructed overall. It also includes interviews, a discography of each composer and more. Every arranging student or professional needs to have this in their library and I am super-proud to be the publisher of this landmark work.
4) "Jazz Songs for the Student Violinist" by Joanne Keefe and Kevin M. Mitchell. An old acquaintance of mine, Kevin approached me with the idea for this project saying that his kids had grown up in the Suzuki method but that there was nothing resembling jazz in any of their recitals. So he decided to create that additional repertoire himself, and this book is the result. We hope it will create many life-long lovers of jazz by exposing them to our unique art form at an early age. We are honored to have pianist Larry Dunlap and violinist Jeremy Cohen perform the audio for each piece, available on our website.

You can see details on all of these books at the top of our home page at More coming later this year so stay tuned and keep swinging! - Chuck Sher

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

New - 3-Horn Arrangements for "The Real Easy Book, Vol.2"!

When we turned The Real Easy Book, Vol.1 into a three-horn version two years ago, band directors were thrilled by the possibilities that the expanded arrangements opened up for their ensembles. The three-horn version contains two extra harmony parts to be played during the melodies, as well as three background parts behind soloists and 'shout choruses' before the out heads.
So we are now offering the same sort of three-horn arrangements for eight selected tunes in The Real Easy Book, Vol.2.

Available on our website only (, they are being offered as a single digital package consisting of:
  • Two extra complete horn parts for all eight songs.
  • For the melody player, we have included background parts for use behind soloists and also 'shout chorus' parts for each tune. (The melodies themselves are not included here, but remain the same as in the printed book.)
  • Each of these horn parts are given in C, Bb, Eb and bass clef versions.
  • All this at a minimal cost of $24, which comes out to $3 per song.

Songs included in this upgrade are:
  1. “Barbara” by Horace Silver
  2. “Black Orchid” by Cal Tjader
  3. “Fantasy in D” by Cedar Walton
  4. “Jeannine” by Duke Pearson
  5. “Jubilation” by Junior Mance
  6. “Peace” by Horace Silver
  7. “Sky Dive” by Freddie Hubbard
  8. “Whisper Not” by Benny Golson 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Sher Music books for 2017!

Folks - We have three (actually 5) new books just released today. More information on all of them is available at Hope you find one or more of them intriguing to you and here's to a swinging 2017! - Chuck

1. "Reading, Writing & Rhythmetic" by Roberta Radley - A second Sher Music publication from the assistant chair of the Ear Training Dept. at Berklee College of Music. This one gives you a systematic way to develop the skills necessary to transcribe music off your favorite records and onto paper. The rewards will more than justify the time needed to absorb all the information here.
2. "Modern Etudes for Solo Trumpet" by Cameron Pearce - A set of challenging, but not ridiculously difficult, etudes written for the trumpet player needing something substantial to work on. The accompanying CD has the etudes performed by Dave Douglas, Terell Stafford, Ingrid Jenson, etc. Highly endorsed by Bobby Shew, Ray Vega, Randy Brecker, Chase Sanborn, etc. Cool stuff!
3. "Flamenco Improvisation - Vol.1 - 3" by Enrique Vargas - Here's a real masterpiece---a three-volume set of books detailing the the melodic and harmonic implications of the Western and Arabic scales used in Flamenco music today. Over 1200 pages filled with patterns, analysis, guitar fingerings and tab (although the books can be used by any instrument), and discussions of the "tricks" that make Flamenco such a unique form of music. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sher Music releases George Marsh's "Inner Drumming"!

Over 25 years in the making, drummer George Marsh's finally completed book, "Inner Drumming" has just been released and we are very proud of the high quality of the work in this landmark publication.

Glowingly endorsed by Matt Wilson, Joey Baron, David Garibaldi, Roy Burns, John Abercrombie, Denny Zeitlin, Jim Chapin, and Ed Soph, among others, "Inner Drumming" is a one-of-a-kind study of how to connect with the energy that flows through the body and four limbs while you are playing drums.

The book comes with a beautifully-produced DVD in which George demonstrates and explains each category of exercises. There's no way to adequately explain the value of George's approach in words - it's something you must experience first-hand. Nonetheless, please go to to get a taste of how his unique method might be of great use to you.

Another high-class, world-class publication from Sher Music Co. - don't miss it, drummers! 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

New Latin percussion book by Michael Spiro!

We are happy to announce the publication of a new book by award-winning percussionist Michael Spiro. Entitled "The Language of the Masters: Transcriptions and Etudes of 10 Great Latin Percussion Artists," this book is the first collection of transcribed solos by such artists as Tito Puente, Ray Barretto, Orestes Vilato, Manny Oquendo, Armando Peraza, etc.

In addition to the transcriptions, Michael Spiro has written etudes for each artist, summarizing their approach to soloing. Each etude also comes with easily downloadable play-along tracks, one with and one without the solo being present. The end result is a unique and inspiring look into the origins of salsa and Latin jazz percussion. As Karl Perazzo says, “This book allows us to walk through the minds of the legends whose legacies inspire us still.”

Available at 127 pages (including Spiro's 16-page written overview of how to study these transcriptions and incorporate them into your own playing) - $26 book / $19 PDF download.

Another great effort by one of our coolest authors - enjoy! - Chuck Sher

Friday, April 22, 2016

Major new book published "The Digital Standards Songbook"!

About a year and a half ago, the opportunity was given to Sher Music Co. to publish, in digital form only, a book of standards tunes by all the great Tin Pan Alley composers. So we jumped at the chance and our latest labor of love is finally out and in the world with all its fingers and toes. The book features 176 tunes (by Gershwin, Cole Porter, Harold Arlen, Rodgers & Hart, etc.) in the following formats:
- Single-song downloads in any key (for vocalists)
- Also for vocalists, High Voice and Low Voice complete books
- For instrumentalists, the complete 354-page book comes in C, Bb and Eb editions.

These charts were originally in The Standards Real Book and also The New Real Book, Vol.1-3, so they have Sher Music's gold standard quality on every page. All tunes include the lyric and also the introductory verses, whenever they exist. The initial feedback from vocalists has been overwhelmingly positive, for which we are very grateful. But don't take my word for it, go see for yourself at

I can't let this opportunity go by without thanking some of the main people who were instrumental in making this a dream a reality---James Grupenhoff, Matt Smith, John Hinchey, Larry Dunlap, Tim Allwein, Ron Bilodeau, Linda McLaughlin, and first and foremost, my webmaster Bob Afifi, who gets the award for MVP here at Sher Music Co. this year, as he has for many years now. Thanks one and all!! - Chuck

Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Sher Music books for 2016

We're very happy to add four new books to our catalog as of the beginning of this year.
In no particular order, they are:

a) "Wisdom of the Hand: A Guide to the Jazz Pentatonic Scales" by Seattle pianist, educator and composer, Marius "Butch" Nordal. This is, dare I say, a revolutionary approach to fingering the pentatonic scales on piano. The wider intervals of the pentatonic and blues scales calls for a different approach than the traditional, Western "thumb under"  approach. This book opens up a new and better approach to this condundrum all pianists face. But don't take my word for it - check out the sample pages at and see for yourself.

b) Also for pianists is Jeb Patton second book for Sher Music, "An Approach to Comping, Vol.2: Advanced Concepts and Techniques." Endorsed by Kenny Barron, David Hazeltine, Harold Mabern, etc., Jeb's second book is a masterful and thorough look at the comping of Bud Powell, Bill Evans, Hank Jones, Barry Harris, Herbie Hancock, McCoy Tyner and others. As a bassist, I know that the pianist's comping is one of the most crucial elements in creating forward motion in a band and Jeb's books are the definitive word on the subject. Webpage is

c) "Rhythm First!: A Beginner's Guide to Jazz Improvisation" by Tom Kamp is designed for K-12 music students and their teachers. His basic stance is that kids can easily be turned off to music by having to learn and practice a bunch of scales and chords before they can even start to make music. But in this book, Tom has them enjoying the feeling of playing jazz right away by getting them to play rhythms first, before concerning them selves with note choices. "Rhythm First!" then provides a systematic way to learn all the basic rhythmic figures they are likely to need for years, while slowly introducing the notes of the Blues Scale. This is also a revolutionary and long-overdue approach to teaching jazz that we hope will be widely utilized by elementary, middle school and high school teachers. Sample pages and the Table of Contents can be found at

d) Lastly, Randy Vincent has turned his last guitar book ("The Cellular Approach") into a method book for any instrument, entitled "Building Solo Lines from Cells." This book came into being because Jamey Aebersold found himself practicing out of "The Cellular Approach" one day soon after its release last year and wrote us the following: "This book is good for ALL instruments. The patterns and exercises are excellent! There is much food for thought in here." So, of course, we decided that Jamey had a point and that was the genesis of "Building Solo Lines from Cells." Again, take a look at and see for yourself.

 Also, stay tuned for two unique books for drummers (by George Marsh) and percussionists (by Michael Spiro) that we will release in March of this year (I hope!), as well as a "Digital Standards Songbook," featuring 170+ individual songs, downloadable in any key, from the best of Cole Porter, Gershwin, Rodgers & Hart, Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer, Henry Mancini, etc. etc. All are pristine Sher Music lead sheets---the gold standard in jazz charts. Thanks for supporting our labors of love, and keep swinging! - Chuck Sher

Monday, September 28, 2015

Mark Levine's "Jazz Theory Book" now available in Spanish

Mark Levine's "The Jazz Theory Book" has been translated into 7 or 8 languages besides English (those editions are published by overseas publishers), but we are happy to now offer it in Spanish right on our own website at So if you or someone you know would find this a valuable resource, please do spread the word. Thanks for being a supporter of our world-class books! Much appreciated! - Chuck Sher

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Chuck Sher's "Poetry+Jazz: A Magical Marriage" audiobook CD released!

I've been a jazz musician and jazz book publisher most of my adult life, and about two years ago I also started writing poems. Then one day some real magic happened - I started reading something I'd written along with a jazz recording that had a similar emotional tone. And, seemingly all by itself, the music started wrapping itself around the words, as if it had been created specifically for that purpose, sometimes changing along with the words line by line! The feeling I got was almost spooky it was so beautiful. This turned out not to be a fluke, but happened over and over with other poems and music - like magic, like their being together was "meant to be." I felt then, and continue to feel, blessed and honored to be the conduit for these 'marriages made in heaven.'
I then started putting music with the poems of my teacher at the time, Alison Luterman, and then Rumi and Rainer Maria Rilke, Philip Levine, Mark Strand, Kenneth Rexroth and all the rest of the poets included on this CD. Again, it has been a great honor to have these profound artists be part of this project.
Then one more piece of synchronicity happened. A long-time tennis buddy of mine, Cory Bihr, gave me a Christmas present a few years ago of him reciting Dylan Thomas' "A Child's Christmas in Wales." Cory's immense talent completely floored me and so I played him the iphone recordings I had made of the rough drafts of poetry+jazz. The rest, as they say, is history, because Cory is the now the main voice on the CD, with other tracks being performed by Coleman Barks, Rumi's most-loved translator, and Rene Marie, a great jazz singer and actress, among others.

This project took about two years to complete, largely because of the business end of things. All the living poets (or the estates of recently deceased ones) are being paid for the use of their work, all the publishers of the songs are will be getting regular royalties, all the record companies are being paid royalties for the use of their master recordings, all the readers have been paid, of course, and the studios the tracks were recorded in, etc. etc. An expensive proposition, but well worth it to me because to my ears these are uniquely beautiful, new artistic creations. I'm thrilled to have this project out and available to people who might also find great beauty in it.

Sample tracks are available at Don't miss it!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Digital editions of all Sher Music method books now available!

In addition to the Digital Edition of "The New Real Book, Vol.1," we are happy to report that PDF downloads of all of our jazz and Latin music method books, including Mark Levine's "The Jazz Theory Book" and "The Jazz Piano Book" are currently available at

Again, my webmaster, Bob Afifi, was instrumental in bringing these books to you in digital form and my great thanks to him for that.

We are working on other digital products, and will let you know as they become available. Thanks for supporting our labors of love here at Sher Music Co.! - Peace - Chuck Sher

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Digital Edition of "The New Real Book, Vol.1" released!

For about 15 years now, we have been getting repeated requests to offer our fake books in digital form, as musicians increasingly use iPads, Kindles, computers, etc. to practice, rehearse and gig with. Since the print licenses already obtained for the hard copy of these books did not extend to digital use, each song had to be re-licensed and this was simply not possible until last year. At that point, the major copyright holders decided to allow digital use of the songs they controlled in The New Real Book - Vol.1 and that started the ball rolling. Many months and endless hours of work later, and The New Real Book, Vol.1 - Digital Edition is now available for download!

The book is beautifully crafted from the highest quality scans we could produce. (The original book was hand-copied and so no digital source files exist.) Many thanks to Sunil Sharma for a careful and professional job in that department.

The book features an interactive Table of Contents where you can click on any tune and be immediately transported there - an invaluable feature on gigs. Every effort was made to retain the look and feel of the original edition and we are happy with how close we were able to come, even with the photographs.

All musicians who will be using this digital edition owe a debt of gratitude to my webmaster, Bob Afifi, for single-handedly pushing for this project to come to fruition, and for his invaluable aid and advice in creating the highest quality finished product possible. It simply wouldn't have happened without him. Thanks, Bob!

By giving musicians a legal, high-class alternative to the poorly-done, illegal scans of our New Real Books, we hope to make everyone's job of creating great music just a bit easier. Anyway, 'nuff said  - enjoy our labor of love! - Chuck Sher

Friday, January 30, 2015

Three-Horn edition of "The Real Easy Book, Vol. 1" released!

Never let it be said that we don't value feedback from people who use our books. At the Jazz Education Network conference last year, several band directors told us that it would be great to have a version of "The Real Easy Book, Vol.1" (our most popular fake book) with harmony parts added, instead of just a melody and chord symbols. Voila! As of January 1st, the new three-horn, expanded edition has replaced the original version.

Included in this three-horn edition are:
- separate pages for each harmony part for every song
- background horn lines underneath soloists
- often "shout choruses" at the end of solos
- background lines and shout choruses include parts for the melody player too

These beautiful arrangements by pianist/arranger Larry Dunlap create a fuller, more professional sound, yet each part is simple enough for beginning improvisers to play, and each part could be played by a number of different instruments. The book is now 172 pages, is available in C, Bb, Eb and Bass Clef, and lists for $28. Enjoy! - Chuck Sher

Saturday, December 6, 2014

New books from Mark Levine and Randy Vincent!

Jazz fans - the Sher Music Co. team has been working like little elves and we now finally have pdf downloads of two new books---one by Mark Levine and one by Randy Vincent! The printed versions will be released January 1st, 2015 (only a few weeks away). We are very proud and pleased to offer these labors of love to all jazz players. Chuck says, 'Check them out!'

"How to Voice Standards at the Piano: The Menu" by Mark Levine is a succinct guide to harmonizing songs, using voicings that the masters of jazz piano use every time they play. Mark has created a one-page 'Menu' of these voicings that (once internalized) will allow you to create spontaneous arrangements of standard songs on the spot. This will be an invaluable resource for generations of jazz pianists---and it wouldn't hurt us non-pianists to learn this material too! Please see details at

"Jazz Guitar Soloing: The Cellular Approach" by Randy Vincent is a thorough, detailed look at how to create long, flowing solo lines based on short, 4-note 'cells' derived from solo phrases by jazz masters like Joe Pass, Pat Metheny, Michael Brecker, etc. Randy gives the reader hundreds and hundreds of exercises to incorporate this process into your subconscious so that they will appear on their own as you perform. Fingerings and string choices are often given too, making it particularly valuable to guitarists who want to actually master their instrument. Again, details at

(If you have a minute, please also check out the sample tracks of our forthcoming CD "Poetry+Jazz: A Magical Marriage" at

Friday, July 25, 2014

Chuck Gee memorial

For those of you in the Bay Area:

The long-delayed memorial for our great good friend, Chuck Gee, will take place at Yoshi's San Francisco, 1330 Fillmore St., SF. The gathering will be held on Tuesday, August 12th in the upstairs lounge from 8 pm to 11 pm or so. It will start with an open mic memorial where people can share their memories of, and stories about Chuck. Following that will be an open jam session led by Larry Dunlap - something Chuck would have relished himself - so bring your instruments. Yoshis-catered refreshments will be served.

We are very sorry for the long delay, but arrangements kept being postponed and the venue moved around until Chuck's former employer at Yoshis came to the rescue. All of us who knew and loved him miss him tremendously, but we are at least glad that we will finally get to honor his memory. Feel free to pass this message along to others who knew him too. Hope to see you there - Chuck Sher and Larry Dunlap

Monday, March 31, 2014


It is with great sadness that I have to announce that our world-class music engraver, Chuck Gee, has departed this world. Chuck was perhaps the greatest music engraver in the world, but more importantly, a superb human being---always looking on the positive side of things, always ready to be of service to the world and the music he loved so much. There will be a Celebration of his Life later this spring and we'll keep you informed about that so those of you in the Bay Area can attend if you wish. Meanwhile, let's take a page from Chuck's book and greet each day with fresh and sparkling eyes. Rest in peace, our brother - Chuck Sher

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Four new jazz books to start 2014 with!

We've been busy here at Sher Music Co. - four new titles just released as follows:

1. "THE JAZZ HARMONY BOOK" by NY pianist David Berkman. An instant classic, The Jazz Harmony Book is a course in how to add chords to melodies, showing how a single melody can give rise to rich harmonic variations. Endorsed by Kenny Werner, Fred Hersch, Mark Levine, and others, this book fills a big gap in the jazz literature and will be used by generations of jazz musicians to learn both the basics and subtleties of Jazz Harmony. $32 list price - 206 pages, including two CDs.

2. "AN APPROACH TO COMPING: The Essentials" by NY pianist Jeb Patton. The most comprehensive book ever publishing on how to accompany jazz soloists with supportive, propulsive 'comping.' Written by the long-time pianist for The Heath Brothers, An Approach to Comping starts with basic comping patterns and then uses transcriptions of the masters—Horace Silver, Barry Harris, Bud Powell, etc.—to dig deeply into how jazz pianists make the rhythm section cook. Endorsed by Benny Green, Renee Rosnes, Monty Alexander, etc., 272 pages, plus 2 CDs, $34 list price.

3. "MINOR IS MAJOR!" by Dan Greenblatt is the most comprehensive book ever written on minor key harmony. Minor is Major! gives the reader hundreds of ways to negotiate through chord progressions in minor keys, including scale choices, 'hidden chords' within those scales, melodic patterns, intervals studies and more. Includes numerous transcriptions of great jazz improvisers such as Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Clifford Brown, McCoy Tyner, and Joe Henderson showing how they make use of the harmonic and melodic minor scales. Endorsed by George Cables, Jerry Bergonzi, etc. 150 pages, $28 list price.

4. "PLAYING FOR SINGERS" by Mike Greensill. Playing For Singers explores, in depth, the art of accompaniment for the jazz and cabaret pianist. It covers all the fundamentals of playing for vocalists, as it applies to the performance of the “Great American Songbook.” Topics covered include how to accompany singers as a solo pianist, what changes when bass and drums are added, the art of 'out of tempo' accompaniment, the accompanist as arranger/composer, copyist and musical director, and more. Endorsed by Michael Feinstein, Lee Musiker (Tony Bennett's pianist), Larry Dunlap, etc. 121 pages, including numerous musical examples. $25 list price.

I hope you find these as fun to go through as it was to create them. Enjoy! - Chuck Sher

Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Line Games" for iPad and Kindle released!

Good news for all tablet users - our webmaster here at Sher Music Co., Bob Afifi, has converted Randy Vincent's brilliant look at solo line construction, "Line Games," into Epub and Mobi formats, used for iPad and Kindle devices respectively. Featuring instant re-formatting for any size device, and and an interactive Table of Contents that takes you right to the page you want, the e-formatted versions of Randy's third book for Sher Music Co. will be very welcome for musicians who want all their books to travel with them. I can just see all you jazz guitarists sitting by a picturesque lake somewhere practicing your Joe Pass and Jim Hall licks to your heart's content. In any case, all you have to do is go to and you can download the Epub, Mobi or PDF versions of "Line Games" via the easy-to-use Paypal payment system for only $24. It's the wave of the future. Enjoy! - Chuck Sher

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Chuck's latest offering

Lately, I have been writing poetry, or more accurately, some poems have come into the world through me, from realms unknown. Quite an experience! I have never written a poem before in my life, yet they have just been showing up, one after another, and for that I am most grateful. I hope you find them half as enjoyable to read as I have found them soul-satisfying to write. They exist here - More are being posted as time goes on, so check back periodically if you wish. Enjoy! - Chuck

Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Line Games" goes digital!

I got my wife an iPad for Christmas a year ago and now am looking for an iWrench to be able pry her off of it! So I know the attraction of said device and related technology, and am happy to report that Randy Vincent's third book for Sher Music Co., "Line Games," is now available for digital download, exclusively (at this point in time) at Enjoy! - Chuck Sher

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Our landmark publication, "The Real 'Cool' Book" now available

I discovered jazz in the 1950s by putting my ear to my brother Norm's room as he and my uncle Ben practiced Chet Baker/Gerry Mulligan duets. So when I joined the Neal Buckley Octet a couple years ago, it lit up a part of my musical subconscious that had long been dormant. What I found was that the West Coast, "cool jazz" charts we played sounded even better than I remembered them. So when someone said I should put out "The Real 'Cool' Book" this project just popped into being---first as a conception and now as a reality. My heartfelt thanks goes out to my musical editor/transcriber Larry Dunlap and our music engraver Chuck Gee for dedication to excellence beyond the call of duty. A world-class job!

What we have done is to take 14 of the best octet songs from that era and transcribe them from the recordings so that this happy, swinging version of jazz could be played by any college-level, or even good high school ensemble. There are separate books for each player, all in one big binder. And on our website there will soon be transposed versions of each of the horn parts so that groups with different instrumentation can still play these songs.

Jazz used to be "the music of the people." Without cowtowing to blatant commercialism, I feel that this book can bring back some of that connection with audiences that jazz has lost over the years. Why? Because the music is upbeat and unapologetically tonal, with great melodies, wonderful counterpoint writing and arranging, and a swinging forward motion that won't quit. And the sheer beauty of five horns blending with other is unbeatable, in my experience.

My hope is that schools, jazz camps and just groups of jazz players will find "The Real 'Cool' Book" to be as advertised, "The most fun you can have for $11 apiece!" - Chuck Sher

Randy Vincent's LINE GAMES just released

I have been very fortunate to play music with guitarist Randy Vincent in several different settings over the last half dozen years or so. My observations are that he is talented, no question; great ears, no question; completely conversant with the jazz tradition to the point of being able to tell you which chord substitutions were played by which artist for innumerable tunes, etc. etc. But Randy's unique gift is an insatiable curiosity with how music works, what the underpinnings are of the music played by the jazz masters. This is what makes him a great teacher and, at this point in time, the greatest living author of jazz guitar books.

His third book, LINE GAMES, is further proof of that claim. I won't go into a description of what he covers here - that is spelled out clearly on our website. But I do believe that, among others things, Randy (like Sher Music Co. itself) was put on this earth to accomplish the goal of creating the best jazz books possible. It is a real honor to work with him.

One further source of pride for me with this book is that the mosaic guitar on the cover was created by my wonderful wife and soulmate, Sueann Bettison Sher. If they gave Grammys for the best music book cover of the year, Sueann and our graphic artist, Attila Nagy, should win first prize. I hope you all enjoy this labor of love - Chuck Sher

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Two new Sher Music books!

Things are popping here at Sher Music. Today we released two very well-done books. If the subjects interest you, you can't do better.
1) Method for Chromatic Harmonica by Max De Aloe is the first book on the big harmonica to treat it as a legitimate instrument. Endorsed by Toots Thielemans, Hendrik Meurkens, Olivier Ker Ourio and others, the book is designed for all levels of players and any style of music. Like classical method books, Max takes the reader through all the keys and makes sure that you learn to have facility all over the instrument. Scale studies, arpeggio studies, rhythmic training, ear training, special harmonica techniques like bending and vibrato, and more. Plus a very well-done play-along CD with a good Italian rhythm section.

2) Afro-Peruvian Percussion Ensemble: From The Cajon to the Drum Set by Hector Morales. Berklee professor and drummer with Paquito d'Rivera says: "This book/DVD package is a goldmine of information on Peruvian music and percussion." The book itself contains charts written out for all the various instruments - cajon, congas, bongos, cowbell, etc. for all the main styles of Afro-Peruvian music, photos showing how to play them, and good historical background on the music. There are also charts for bass and guitar parts and for the drum set too. The best part of the package, to me, is the DVD. The instructional sections are beautifully filmed, and many of them slowed down to half time, as well as normal speed, to facilitate easy learning. And the ensemble tunes on the DVD are quite fun to watch and listen to. The band includes one of the world's greatest Latin bass players, Oscar Stagnaro, along with the author, Hector "Jereto" Ferreyra, Eric Kurimski and others.

We have two more new books slated for release by the end of the month, "The Real 'Cool' Book" and "Line Games" by Randy Vincent. Stay tuned! - Chuck Sher

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Digital Age

Thanks to my webmaster & buddy Bob Afifi, I am being dragged kicking and screaming into the Digital Age. Which is good news to all of you iPad and Kindle owners. In addition to the Digital Real Book and the 16 Sher Music books released in digital form last year, we now have the following items ready for downloading:
1. "Three-note Voicings and Beyond"
by Randy Vincent

2. "Introduction to the Conga Drum" - DVD
by Michael Spiro

3. Play-Along CDs for The New Real Book: Vol. 1
in downloadable format

Enjoy! - Chuck Sher

Thursday, November 17, 2011

"The Latin Real Easy Book" just released!

After about two years of work, we have finally finished a great new fake book - "The Latin Real Easy Book." This is the fourth in our "Real Easy" series of fake books designed for classroom use, with educational material tailored for each tune as part of the chart. But this volume features exclusively great Latin jazz, salsa classics and Brazilian music. A wonderful feature is that we have audio files for every tune in the book on "The Latin Real Easy Book" page at so you can hear the songs. Some gorgeous music is there and I hope all you jazz fans out there will take the time to explore the songs we've presented.

It's hard to know what is more beautiful - Ivan Lins' scrumptious melodies, Tito Puente's slamming version of Chucho Valdes' "Triton," or Tito Rodriguez' soulful rendition of "Si Te Contara," just to name a few. All of the composers have contributed to making the world a better place because of their artistic creations--- and we hope that you will enjoy the book and pass along their message of positive energy by adding these tunes to your band's repertoire. Have fun! - Chuck Sher

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sher Music ebooks released!

Sher Music Co. has just released digital, ebook versions of 16 of our best-selling books, for use with the iPad, Kindle and other digital readers. Books released include Mark Levine's classic works, "The Jazz Piano Book" and "The Jazz Theory Book", as well as "The Salsa Guidebook" by Rebeca Mauleon, "The Brazilian Guitar Book" by Nelson Faria, "The Serious Jazz Practice Book" by Barry Finnerty, and many more. For a complete list of titles and outlets where they can be purchased, please see

The iPad versions feature some cool capabilities, like being able to click on a chapter in the Table Of Contents and be instantaneously taken there, or being able to search for a word and have a list of all the pages in the book including that term appear for you to check out, etc.

The Digital Real Book itself, including about 650 songs from all our fake books, is now downloadable to your iPad as well. Keep an eye out for more digital releases later in the year. Enjoy! - Chuck Sher

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2 New Sher Music Co. books

We are happy to release two new books at the beginning of 2011 and hope you find them to be useful in your pursuit of beauty.

The first one is "Essential Grooves For Writing, Performing and Producing Contemporary Music." This was written by three Berklee College of Music professors, Dan Moretti, Matthew Nicholl and Oscar Stagnaro and is a very useful document if you have the need for templates of a bunch of different styles of music—from soul to jazz to hip hop to Afro-Cuban to reggae, and more. Each groove has all the rhythm section parts written out for a sample of the style, as well as some cogent historical background. Then there is an audio CD so you can hear what the groove sounds like and a multi-track DVD with each member of the rhythm section isolated so you can loop the bass part, create your own play-alongs, etc. Lots of uses, especially for arrangers, producers and writers of contemporary music. All for only $24.

The second one is "Three-Note Voicings and Beyond" by veteran guitarist Randy Vincent. This book has the best endorsements of any book we have ever published—from Pat Metheny, Jim Hall, Mike Stern, Ben Monder, etc. And their praises are certainly well-deserved. This is the second book Randy has written for Sher Music Co. and he is already deep into the third one. This series of books will become the new standard reference books for guitarists for a long time to come. Randy is one of those rare birds (like Mark Levine) who is not only a great player, but also has the ability to clearly and thoroughly explain the nuts and bolts of how jazz players do what they do.

Lots cooking in the Sher Music world for release later this year: legal downloads of 16 of our best-selling instructional books, an amazing selection of tunes in The Latin Real Easy Book, a new jazz harmony book from David Berkman, and more. Just send your email address to and we'll put you on our mailing list for notice of new releases as they happen. Thanks for supporting our high quality books and for letting people know that illegal, free downloads of our books is theft, plain and simple. Peace - Chuck Sher